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Vasu Dixit is a composer, musician in equal measure. His craft brings many nuances of art into one space. Vasu is the lead singer of the band Swarathma and also creates music of his own through the Vasu Dixit Collective (VDC). Vasu's open-throated voice, his rich vocal style, wide range, and deep passion is powered by a free-spirited celebration of life, whether he sings with VDC, Swarathma or on his own. Vasu has also worked as an actor and film director predominantly in the Kannada movie industry.


Vasu Dixit Collective is a trajectory of Vasu's music, a journey to find an artist within. The Collective is an ensemble of musicians and artists whose collaboration blends music, creativity and tradition. Many poets, lyricists and writers contribute to VDC; giving the songs a refreshing interpretation and depth that matches Vasu's high-energy and soulful tunes. VDC plays Folk-Rock fusion music, both in Kannada and Hindi. VDC also plays special renditions of poems by great saint poets like Purandaradasa, Basavanna and Kabir in an attempt to explore the spiritual space within the realm of music. VDC seeks to inspire community and evoke compassion through collaborative approaches to making music. 



Vasu believes that music has the power to reach out to people deep within. Vasu creates music that is beyond entertainment; with the intent that it can change hearts and minds with the hope of collective social change. Vasu’s music is a sensorial experience with an equal focus on the visual component. He thinks of his music through colours, the structure of his music as fluid and flowing; how he hopes for his music to be received and interpreted too . 



Vasu Dixit Collective makes music to generate awareness and build dialogue about social causes. If you wish to contribute or donate to the cause, please scan the QR Code below.

Vasu Dixit is currently working on the PaDa project. It is an initiative envisioned to document folk music and musicians and create relevance for folk music in present times.

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Manager - Pavan Bhat


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